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Original BBQ Sauce

This original barbecue sauce was created by good ole Great Aunt Irene, and since then it has been passed down from generation to generation until it reached the hands of nephew Aaron Chapman who knew he needed to share it with the world. DeadEye started its creation with this original barbecue sauce that has a smooth texture with the perfect sweet & smoky flavor. This sauce makes anything taste better.

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Medium Heat BBQ Sauce

Our medium heat BBQ sauce has a the base of our famous sweet & smoky bbq with a friendly kick. We make our product small batched and it contains no msg and is gluten free. Enjoy!

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Medium Mango BBQ Sauce

After months in the kitchen testing new flavors we created Deadeye Medium Mango! Which is an all-natural bbq sauce that is small batched and uses real mango's to give it a unique and delicious flavor. Perfect on seafood, chicken, & pork. A one of a kind bbq sauce with a friendly kick that is sure to make any meal tasty :)

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Magnum Seasoning

This seasoning has the base of our original seasoning with an added kick. It was specially crafted to satisfy those who like a little extra heat in their life and still want to taste great flavor in their food. This seasoning makes anything taste better.

Original Seasoning

This All-Purpose seasoning was created and hand-crafted in Des Moines, Iowa. Our original seasoning has a sweet flavor that is designed to add a great flavor to any meal. From eggs and bacon to chicken and broccoli, this seasoning will make even asparagus taste great. After a great deal of testing we are proud to bring everyone this sweet All-Purpose seasoning.