About Us

Deadeye was started by a group of friends, two of who were college freshman students at Iowa State University. The recipe was found on the back of a faded recipe card in there Great Aunt Irene's cupboard. When they tried it they knew it was too good to keep to themselves, so they started handing out mason jars of there bbq sauce to there friends and family. With rave reviews they decided to share it with the masses, and in 2016 Deadeye BBQ was born.

They started by selling it at local small town farmers markets and after selling over 1,000 bottles they decided it was time to hit the grocery stores. After meeting with there college professor during there sophomore year at ISU they landed a meeting with the local Fareway grocery store. From there they continued to drive store by store loading there car up with cases of bbq sauces.

Since then we've launched two new flavors of bbq sauce and we are currently available at grocery stores across the Midwest. We continue to make sure every bottle is created with the same love and care Great Aunt Irene did when first making it for her family.


Our mission is to maintain a high quality product and to support our local community. We donate a part of all our sales to Veteran Non-Profits.

As a company we use only the highest quality ingredients, and we produce our products in small batches to maintain consistency as well as quality in every bottle.