About Us


Many years ago, two friends Rich Kneifl and Aaron Chapman discovered an old Iowa family barbecue recipe from Aaron’s Great Aunt Irene. From the faded recipe card, the two found instructions for cooking up the most delicious barbeque sauce they had ever tasted.

One of those young family members was Tyler DeVos, who years later would meet his future business partner, Michael Hanstad, at Iowa State University in the fall of 2014. When Michael tried the sauce, he and Tyler decided it was too good to keep to themselves. Throughout their freshman year at ISU Tyler and Michael began to bottle, label, and sell the sauce to friends and family. Then during their sophomore year, DeadEye BBQ was born.

With the help of Professor John Walker at Iowa State University, they landed a meeting with the Marshalltown Fareway store manager. After 30 minutes talking with the store manager, they had made their first sale at a large grocer. For the next year, they continued to successfully enter more and more Fareways and Hy-Vee’s across Iowa.

Then in July of 2016, thanks to the hard work by Michael and Tyler, they made a vast leap by getting into 65 Fareway’s located all across Iowa!

In June of 2017, DeadEye launched their All-Purpose seasoning that was hand-crafted and created by owner Tyler Devos. The All-purpose seasoning is the perfect addition to make any meal one to remember.


Today we are located at Fareways and Hy-Vees across Iowa as well as Amazon and on our site. We currently produce our sauce in Ankney, Iowa and seasonings in Des Moines, Iowa.

Both Michael and Tyler are still running and operating the business. Tyler has finished school at Iowa State and Michael will be completing his final semester in the fall of 2017.

We have recently completed a full make-over and re-structuring of our website. This has led to lower shipping and ordering cost for customers. It also has brought easier navigation across the site.


We have plans to launch one more new product by the end of August. This new product will put a unique twist on an old staple. We look forward to launching in all our retail locations as well as online. We can’t wait for you to try it!


Our mission is to maintain a high quality product and to support our local community. We also support non-profits helping homeless veterans obtain a roof over there heads. Find out more at our philanthropy page. Our veterans made it possible for us to do what we do today and this is just a small way we can thank them.

As a company we use only the highest quality ingredients, and we produce our products in small batches to maintain consistency as well as quality in every bottle.